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How to print T-Shirts using custom heat transfers!

How to print t-shirts using custom heat transfers

Wholesale ,Custom Heat Transfers for T-Shirts made of cotton or polyester from is the decorating and printing solution.  Custom heat transfers is the perfect alternative printing method to going to your local screen printing shop.  Our custom heat transfers are screen printed using plastisol inks as well as water based inks. The feel of our transfers is softer than most direct screen prints and the clarity can be more detailed. has several print formulas which can help you create the perfect t-shirt design. We also have a larger sheet size which can give you 18″ x 24″ of live space to accommodate full sized adult images and include smaller youth sized images.  Print all of your sizes on the same sheet to save time and money.  We can help you with design and layout as well as create vector art from your .jpg or .png images.* (*Additional fee may apply).

Need help with sizing up your images? Go to our Popular Heat Transfers sizes page and find out exactly what will fit on the screen printed transfer sheets!

If you only need a few, then be sure to check out our Custom Laser Print Heat Transfers.  Laser heat transfers allow you to print photo quality images on 100% cotton or polyester T-shirts. All you need is a .jpg, .png or almost any type of .pdf file.

T-Shirt Heat Transfers Wholesale

Our wholesale laser print heat transfers offer a large 11″ x 17″ sheet which you can “gang” print as many images on the sheet for a low cost.  Just cut your images apart when your ready to print.


How to print T-Shirts using Custom Heat Transfers
How to print T-Shirts using Custom Heat Transfers from

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