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Polyester Athletic Custom Heat Transfer Formula

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Polyester “Athletic” Formula heat transfers are for use on 100% polyester fabrics such as team uniforms, performance wear or moisture wicking athletic garments. This formula features micro bead adhesive technology which allows the transfer to be applied at a lower temperature than standard plastisol prints. The same technology blocks any dyes from bleeding through the ink, which is known as dye migration.

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  • Works perfect on 100% polyester fabric
  • Works on both light & dark shirts
  • Athletic Print Feel
  • Crystal clear graphics from our revolutionary transfer technology
  • High Opacity on dark 100% cotton or 50/50 fabric
  • Easy Low Temperature Application Process
  • Microbead Adhesive Dye Blocking Technology
  • 100% Polyester Sport Jerseys and Uniforms
  • Cotton/Polyester 50/50 Blends
  • Ball Caps
  • Fleece
  • Moisture Wicking Clothing

Pricing Table

Sheet #2 (18″ x 24″) Print Area

Quantity /
One Color$4.35$4.07$3.89$3.25$2.70$2.29$2.19$2.10
Two Color$6.95$6.65$6.35$5.65$4.60$3.93$3.78$3.20
Three Color$9.85$8.50$8.25$7.50$6.25$6.00$5.65$5.35
Four Color$14.00$12.00$10.05$8.75$7.75$7.35$6.50$6.00
Five Color$11.39$9.80$8.90$7.61$7.00$6.67$5.37$5.11
Six Color$12.83$10.92$9.62$8.54$7.81$7.13$6.05$5.74

Sheet #1 (11″ x 17″) Print Area

1 Color$3.45$2.90$2.20$1.90$1.58$1.50$1.40$1.25
2 Color$5.21$4.57$3.75$3.25$2.60$2.50$2.19$1.92
3 Color$6.78$5.82$5.29$4.46$3.85$3.05$2.65$2.50
4 Color$10.25$9.50$7.42$6.72$5.58$4.27$3.50$3.26
5 Color$14.10$11.80$9.29$8.36$7.02$5.32$4.22$4.00
6 Color$16.00$13.90$11.91$10.90$8.02$7.50$6.90$6.00

Stock Ink Colors

  • Lemon Yellow 107c

  • Lt.Gold 1235c

  • Dolphin Orange 1665c

  • Super Red 186c

  • National Red 193c

  • Pink 232c

  • Fuchsia 233c

  • Purple 2685c

  • Navy 289c

  • Royal 286c

  • Bright Blue 299c

  • Turquoise 311c

  • Spring Green 354c

  • Dallas Green 348c

  • Kelly 3435c

  • Black

  • White

  • Cool Gray 4c

  • Cool Gray 8c

  • Cool Gray 11c

  • Flesh 155c

  • Lt. Tan 728c

  • Khaki 719c

  • Med Brown 7525

  • Brown 469c

  • Metallic Gold 872c

  • Metallic Silver 877c

  • Neon Yellow 809c

  • Neon Orange 804c

  • Neon Pink 806c

  • Neon Green 802c

  • Neon Blue 2925c

  • Neon Red 805c

Applications Instructions


For 100% Cotton, Cotton/Polyester Blends:
Medium Pressure (40 – 50 PSI )
325 degrees F

**Professional Heat Press Machine Required**

  1. Pre-heat garment 3-5 seconds.
  2. Apply transfer 7-8 seconds.
  3. Peel HOT.


Example Sheet Layout XL 18″ x 24″

Gang Sheet Layout Example 18x24"
XL Sheet Layout 18″ x 24″ live area

Artwork Specifications


Acceptable vector files: CorelDRAW®, Adobe® Illustrator®, .ai , .eps, .pdf
Other files accepted: Adobe Photoshop non flattened file.

PLEASE SEND YOUR ARTWORK AT THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE IT PRINTED. If not, you must indicate the exact size you would like it changed to.

All non-vector artwork is subject to a Special art charge. Vector files will be evaluated to determine if they are print ready.


Please use spot colors when creating your artwork. Only use white in your design if it represents white ink and your design is shown on a colored background.


All fonts in vector artwork need to be converted to curves (CorelDRAW®) or outlines (Illustrator®). Once your text is converted and sent to us, it can no longer be edited.


All lines need to be a minimum weight of 1 pt. All negative spaces need to be a minimum thickness equivalent to 2 pts.


If your design requires a back under base, a minimum thickness of 5 pts. is required (behind the fill) around the perimeter of the design.

Download Templates for each sheet size by clicking on the provided links!

XL Sheet 18″x24″ (Adobe Illustrator)

XL Sheet 18″ x 24″ (.EPS)

XL Sheet 18″ x 24″ (.PDF)

Large Sheet 11″ x 17″ (Adobe Illustrator)

Large Sheet 11″ x 17″ (.EPS)

Large Sheet 11″ x 17″ (.PDF)


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